Dresser for Son

So this project too me a year and 9 months!  Yes a YEAR AND 9 MONTHS!

Building it was easy, the drawers were difficult!  My fault, the design of the dresser leaves little no room for error.

I started this in August of 2012 and finished May 2014.

This was inspired by the Wide Cabin Dresser Metal Slides by Shanty2Chic

Frame with sides.IMG_1935

Adding the top frame.IMG_1958

Support for the top frame.  You can see the top in the back ground.IMG_1959

Top is on…

I did add trim to the top as well (see below), then I started on the drawers.  This project stayed this way for months before I completed any of the other drawers.

Then I decided to start again.  This was a dry fit of the drawer faces.  This was a small challenge in that they needed to appear to rest on each other but have enough room to open and close without rubbing.


I made each individual drawer according to the space in the dresser.  Needless to say my so called right angles were not always right angles.  Each drawer is unique and must stay in the space it was built for, next time I know to use better wood 🙂

Oh and the drawer slides #*$@*&!*………..it will be a while before I do that again!



And sometimes this project became a staging area for other projects……IMG_0647

I added the stain (jacobean) and two coats of satin poly.  My son wanted color on the inside of his drawers so we did blue.  I did this by diluting the liquid Rit with water and taking a rag and applying.  It was really wet once applied to I had to give it lots of time to dry.


And finally completely finished with hardware and all in his bedroom.  Sorry I don’t have any close ups of the dresser with hardware.  I used knobs on the top three drawers and the bottom four have pulls.IMG_2657


Table Center Piece

I found this one on Shanty2Chic this is their Fall Centerpiece that I loved and knew I had to make one.

It was really easy and looks great. I do plan on using my all year round and updating with seasonal items.

The ladies at Shant2Chic have some great ideas be sure to check them out!!

Here is my version: