Laundry Room Makeover Part 1

My laundry room has annoyed me for a very long time.  When my son was born we moved all cleaning supplies from under the sink to the laundry room and it is now very crowded.  It also seems to be the catch all for all items we don’t want to have in our kitchen so needless to say it is always a mess in there!

The prior owners had front loading washer and dryer which we don’t so we have a gaping hole above the washer.  Oh and they liked Roosters and the walls were brown.

A few years back I put up a shelf above the washer and dryer to help with some organizing of items and keeping them off the kitchen counter.  It worked for awhile, now it just isn’t enough (it should be….I think I need to throw somethings out!)  I have decided that a few more shelves above the washer can assist with some organization.

I didn’t take near as many pictures as I should have, apologizing now….

Once I finished with pulling the border down I started with priming.  We are in the process of painting our whole house Amazing Gray so priming is a must to get the gray to show as it should.

Once primed Amazing Gray went up!

It is a very small space!

Once the walls were painted I put up the additional shelves.  Remember when I said I didn’t take many pictures….well I only took pictures of one of the shelves up.  Once I get to part two of the laundry room I’ll post pictures with the second shelf.


PART 2  will be additional shelves in the corner of the room that will take the place of a wire rolling shelving we have in that corner right now that just takes up too much space.

PART 3 will be painting the cabinets white!

PART 4 will be replacing the molding in this room (will be the last room downstairs since I’m the only one really in this room).


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