The Gray Door & Pallet Wall

As promised here is the remodeled area where I painted the door a dark gray.  I love the contrast with the walls and the trim!

I also did a pallet wall!

As for the Door……

We have a very tacky feeling gloss white paint on all of our doors and trim so felt I had to strip off all of the paint to start fresh.  I still have another coat of paint to put on the door (there are some spots that are not completely covered) but we needed to get the door back up.  Since I really love this dark colored door and the fact that we have received lots of compliments on it we have decided to have every interior door of our house be this color :).

The Pallet Wall……..

Since we don’t have a mud room I wanted to create an area to catch jackets, backpacks purses, hats, you get my point…..We use our garage 99% of the time so the best place I could come up with was the wall behind the house door to the garage.  I was going to just put up hooks and let it be, would have been much easier, right!  After thinking this through a bit more and visualizing I saw lots of scuff marks and a really dirty looking wall.  My solution was to try out my first pallet wall which would hide all of this and be little to no maintenance.

My husband being the great guy he is brought home quite a few pallets for me to use for various projects.  I dismantled them and set them aside for use later.  That for later use became our first pallet wall.  IMG_3254

I pulled all of the boards that were about the same thickness, sanded and stained.  I used the same color stain for the whole wall Minwax Jacobean.  Each board I stained had varying amounts of stain applied.  I had to be very careful getting the lighter boards since pallet wood absorbs stain quickly and fast leading to very dark boards.  I know some people used different color stains but I really wanted to keep to the same color in different shades.

Once I had the initial work completed I set all of the boards out on a drop cloth in the family room so I could start to visualize what the wall would look like put together. (sorry for the lack of pictures, I need to work on taking more).

There are many ways people mount pallets to walls.   After much research I decided to mount them directly to the wall using the existing studs.  Sooooo now I had to find the studs 8O.  Once I found them I put painters tape on the wall so I had a guide of where to nail the boards into the wall.  I picked my first two boards cut them and used my nail gun to attach them to the wall.  For the boards that ended at the edge of the wall I cut them at a 45 degree angle (my husband’s suggestion…and a great one!)  This gave the wall a clean finish.

I worked from the top down figuring that the bottom will need some fine tuning, which it did 😕

IMG_5593I had to take the last row to the basement on my table saw to get strips cut to fill the last bottom pieces.

Later I added the hooks, that I found at IKEA.  Love them!!  They fold up when not in use and are very clean looking.  Sorry for the fuzzy picture (will try to update with a better one soon).  BUT you get the idea.IMG_6027




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