Valentine Lego

Sooo my son’s Pre-K teacher (2014) asks the kids to go home and have their parents help them with a creative Valentine box?  Uh, really?!?!  So I popped on Pinterest to see what was out there.  My son was really into Legos at the time so that helped me narrow it down.  You search and you will find!  They were there, Lego Valentine Boxes!!!!!

Find a good sturdy box, fortunately my son just received a pair of DC shoes and those boxes are really thick!  Get some little bathroom cups and cut the bottoms off and glue them to the top of the shoe box. Once they are dry cut the rectangle center out so that cards can be dropped into the center of the box.  (sorry no picture of this).

IMG_0803Determine what color your child wants the lego, my son choose red since that is his favorite color.  Since the box was black and I didn’t prime it, we used a lot of red spray paint.  If you don’t want to spray paint you can wrap the box and the bottom of the cups individually.  I felt this was more work so opted for the spray paint plus my son had been dying to use a can of paint.  We let it dry over night then personalized his Valentine box.

I used my Silhouette to cut out hearts in white and silver along with his name and a big truck, after all he is a boy and needed to add his touch.  I put his name and truck on the box and he went to town with the hearts!

My son has now used this Valentine Lego for the last three Valentine’s Parties at his school.  3 years of use, I’d say that is some good use!



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