The Test Remodel

After years and years of discussing our ideas of remodeling we finally determined what look we wanted in our home.  What this means is that we have to completely pull out all of the moulding and trim in the whole house and put in new.

We picked the paint and did a test run to see if we would like it, we did so now our whole house will be Amazing Gray!  Yes, that is right our WHOLE house.  My husband wanted it all the same color and I honestly think it is a great idea so now touch ups will all be the same color!IMG_3876


I demoed and my husband did the rest while I was at work one day.


Here are the after pictures.  Sorry I don’t have a good head on view.  We went with very bold clean straight trim and moulding.  Around the door we used 1×4, baseboards are 1×8, moulding on the ceiling is 1×4 with 1×6 meeting it on the walls.

I love the clean crips look this gave the area.  Now the door!  I don’t want any white doors in my house, you might think I’m crazy but wait till you see what it looks like with the door painted a dark gray.  I will reveal in another post 🙂


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