The Fire-pit!

IMG_2654I love Fall days and evenings!  They are even better by a fire with s’mores!

It was time for our own fire-pit….we have plenty of room in our backyard and we already had the pavers to make it happen.

I did do a lot of research online to find out how to do this.  Many of the sites say to layer the bottom with sand and build up the walls high.  I did not do either of these things.  I didn’t want high walls because when we sat around the fire I wanted to actually feel the fire and get warm if needed.

I choose a spot away from the house but not too close to trees.  I took a stake and put it into the ground then took string and tied it to the stake.  Before I marked the area I needed to decided exactly how big this fire-pit was going to be…..please don’t ask, I have no idea, lol.  I marked too large of an area so it shrank as I was building.

Marking the circle….I held onto the other end of the string that was tied to the stake, with spray paint in the same hand I sprayed in a circle.IMG_2031

Now that the area was marked I dug up the ground inside the circle.  (sorry no pictures of this).  I then took all of the various pavers that the prior owners left behind and started layout out of the fire-pit.

I ended up on our back deck looking at the layout to see if it was I wanted.  Needless to say after consulting with my husband it was determined this was just too big so on to down sizing.

It was decided that this is the perfect size!  This was a very easy quick ‘project’ that we have now enjoyed for a few years 🙂  Yes, just getting around to posting now…..I have lots to catch up on here!IMG_2654


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