Wine Bottle Holiday Decor

20121215-114634.jpgI had been saving some if my wine bottles (don’t judge) 😄 for some upcoming project that I didn’t know about yet. I was on Pintrest and found exactly what I wanted to do with some of them. Someone on Pintrest had used Starbucks bottles.

Here are the steps I used:
1. Find three bottles that are the same…easy for me since I have my fall back wine Estancia Zinfandel….again don’t judge…😉
2. Remove the labels…I used dish soap and water to soak them in then removed the labels….I had some spots that were stubborn so I used 220 sand paper.
3. Spray paint them….I used Rust-oleum heirloom white…about three coats just to be sure I got them covered.
4. While those were drying I used my Silhouette cameo to cut the letters J and Y then the snow flake.
5. Apply the vinyl to the spray painted bottles and wrap jute around the neck of the bottle securing with a hot glue gun.