Laundry Room Makeover Part 1

My laundry room has annoyed me for a very long time.  When my son was born we moved all cleaning supplies from under the sink to the laundry room and it is now very crowded.  It also seems to be the catch all for all items we don’t want to have in our kitchen so needless to say it is always a mess in there!

The prior owners had front loading washer and dryer which we don’t so we have a gaping hole above the washer.  Oh and they liked Roosters and the walls were brown.

A few years back I put up a shelf above the washer and dryer to help with some organizing of items and keeping them off the kitchen counter.  It worked for awhile, now it just isn’t enough (it should be….I think I need to throw somethings out!)  I have decided that a few more shelves above the washer can assist with some organization.

I didn’t take near as many pictures as I should have, apologizing now….

Once I finished with pulling the border down I started with priming.  We are in the process of painting our whole house Amazing Gray so priming is a must to get the gray to show as it should.

Once primed Amazing Gray went up!

It is a very small space!

Once the walls were painted I put up the additional shelves.  Remember when I said I didn’t take many pictures….well I only took pictures of one of the shelves up.  Once I get to part two of the laundry room I’ll post pictures with the second shelf.


PART 2  will be additional shelves in the corner of the room that will take the place of a wire rolling shelving we have in that corner right now that just takes up too much space.

PART 3 will be painting the cabinets white!

PART 4 will be replacing the molding in this room (will be the last room downstairs since I’m the only one really in this room).


Apricot Tree in Georgia!?!?

I’ve wanted one for years and now I finally have one!  I have fond memories from childhood of visiting my Grandmother in west Texas picking and eating fresh apricots from her tree.  Yum, apricot cobbler with vanilla Bluebell ice cream!

This one is a Chinese Apricot tree, it is a variety that withstands late spring frosts which is common in georgia.  I bought it online after researching which varieties are recommended for zone 7b, Georgia.  We will see in time if this works out for us……  

The Gray Door & Pallet Wall

As promised here is the remodeled area where I painted the door a dark gray.  I love the contrast with the walls and the trim!

I also did a pallet wall!

As for the Door……

We have a very tacky feeling gloss white paint on all of our doors and trim so felt I had to strip off all of the paint to start fresh.  I still have another coat of paint to put on the door (there are some spots that are not completely covered) but we needed to get the door back up.  Since I really love this dark colored door and the fact that we have received lots of compliments on it we have decided to have every interior door of our house be this color :).

The Pallet Wall……..

Since we don’t have a mud room I wanted to create an area to catch jackets, backpacks purses, hats, you get my point…..We use our garage 99% of the time so the best place I could come up with was the wall behind the house door to the garage.  I was going to just put up hooks and let it be, would have been much easier, right!  After thinking this through a bit more and visualizing I saw lots of scuff marks and a really dirty looking wall.  My solution was to try out my first pallet wall which would hide all of this and be little to no maintenance.

My husband being the great guy he is brought home quite a few pallets for me to use for various projects.  I dismantled them and set them aside for use later.  That for later use became our first pallet wall.  IMG_3254

I pulled all of the boards that were about the same thickness, sanded and stained.  I used the same color stain for the whole wall Minwax Jacobean.  Each board I stained had varying amounts of stain applied.  I had to be very careful getting the lighter boards since pallet wood absorbs stain quickly and fast leading to very dark boards.  I know some people used different color stains but I really wanted to keep to the same color in different shades.

Once I had the initial work completed I set all of the boards out on a drop cloth in the family room so I could start to visualize what the wall would look like put together. (sorry for the lack of pictures, I need to work on taking more).

There are many ways people mount pallets to walls.   After much research I decided to mount them directly to the wall using the existing studs.  Sooooo now I had to find the studs 8O.  Once I found them I put painters tape on the wall so I had a guide of where to nail the boards into the wall.  I picked my first two boards cut them and used my nail gun to attach them to the wall.  For the boards that ended at the edge of the wall I cut them at a 45 degree angle (my husband’s suggestion…and a great one!)  This gave the wall a clean finish.

I worked from the top down figuring that the bottom will need some fine tuning, which it did 😕

IMG_5593I had to take the last row to the basement on my table saw to get strips cut to fill the last bottom pieces.

Later I added the hooks, that I found at IKEA.  Love them!!  They fold up when not in use and are very clean looking.  Sorry for the fuzzy picture (will try to update with a better one soon).  BUT you get the idea.IMG_6027



The Test Remodel

After years and years of discussing our ideas of remodeling we finally determined what look we wanted in our home.  What this means is that we have to completely pull out all of the moulding and trim in the whole house and put in new.

We picked the paint and did a test run to see if we would like it, we did so now our whole house will be Amazing Gray!  Yes, that is right our WHOLE house.  My husband wanted it all the same color and I honestly think it is a great idea so now touch ups will all be the same color!IMG_3876


I demoed and my husband did the rest while I was at work one day.


Here are the after pictures.  Sorry I don’t have a good head on view.  We went with very bold clean straight trim and moulding.  Around the door we used 1×4, baseboards are 1×8, moulding on the ceiling is 1×4 with 1×6 meeting it on the walls.

I love the clean crips look this gave the area.  Now the door!  I don’t want any white doors in my house, you might think I’m crazy but wait till you see what it looks like with the door painted a dark gray.  I will reveal in another post 🙂

Valentine Lego

Sooo my son’s Pre-K teacher (2014) asks the kids to go home and have their parents help them with a creative Valentine box?  Uh, really?!?!  So I popped on Pinterest to see what was out there.  My son was really into Legos at the time so that helped me narrow it down.  You search and you will find!  They were there, Lego Valentine Boxes!!!!!

Find a good sturdy box, fortunately my son just received a pair of DC shoes and those boxes are really thick!  Get some little bathroom cups and cut the bottoms off and glue them to the top of the shoe box. Once they are dry cut the rectangle center out so that cards can be dropped into the center of the box.  (sorry no picture of this).

IMG_0803Determine what color your child wants the lego, my son choose red since that is his favorite color.  Since the box was black and I didn’t prime it, we used a lot of red spray paint.  If you don’t want to spray paint you can wrap the box and the bottom of the cups individually.  I felt this was more work so opted for the spray paint plus my son had been dying to use a can of paint.  We let it dry over night then personalized his Valentine box.

I used my Silhouette to cut out hearts in white and silver along with his name and a big truck, after all he is a boy and needed to add his touch.  I put his name and truck on the box and he went to town with the hearts!

My son has now used this Valentine Lego for the last three Valentine’s Parties at his school.  3 years of use, I’d say that is some good use!


The Fire-pit!

IMG_2654I love Fall days and evenings!  They are even better by a fire with s’mores!

It was time for our own fire-pit….we have plenty of room in our backyard and we already had the pavers to make it happen.

I did do a lot of research online to find out how to do this.  Many of the sites say to layer the bottom with sand and build up the walls high.  I did not do either of these things.  I didn’t want high walls because when we sat around the fire I wanted to actually feel the fire and get warm if needed.

I choose a spot away from the house but not too close to trees.  I took a stake and put it into the ground then took string and tied it to the stake.  Before I marked the area I needed to decided exactly how big this fire-pit was going to be…..please don’t ask, I have no idea, lol.  I marked too large of an area so it shrank as I was building.

Marking the circle….I held onto the other end of the string that was tied to the stake, with spray paint in the same hand I sprayed in a circle.IMG_2031

Now that the area was marked I dug up the ground inside the circle.  (sorry no pictures of this).  I then took all of the various pavers that the prior owners left behind and started layout out of the fire-pit.

I ended up on our back deck looking at the layout to see if it was I wanted.  Needless to say after consulting with my husband it was determined this was just too big so on to down sizing.

It was decided that this is the perfect size!  This was a very easy quick ‘project’ that we have now enjoyed for a few years 🙂  Yes, just getting around to posting now…..I have lots to catch up on here!IMG_2654

Dresser for Son

So this project too me a year and 9 months!  Yes a YEAR AND 9 MONTHS!

Building it was easy, the drawers were difficult!  My fault, the design of the dresser leaves little no room for error.

I started this in August of 2012 and finished May 2014.

This was inspired by the Wide Cabin Dresser Metal Slides by Shanty2Chic

Frame with sides.IMG_1935

Adding the top frame.IMG_1958

Support for the top frame.  You can see the top in the back ground.IMG_1959

Top is on…

I did add trim to the top as well (see below), then I started on the drawers.  This project stayed this way for months before I completed any of the other drawers.

Then I decided to start again.  This was a dry fit of the drawer faces.  This was a small challenge in that they needed to appear to rest on each other but have enough room to open and close without rubbing.


I made each individual drawer according to the space in the dresser.  Needless to say my so called right angles were not always right angles.  Each drawer is unique and must stay in the space it was built for, next time I know to use better wood 🙂

Oh and the drawer slides #*$@*&!*……… will be a while before I do that again!



And sometimes this project became a staging area for other projects……IMG_0647

I added the stain (jacobean) and two coats of satin poly.  My son wanted color on the inside of his drawers so we did blue.  I did this by diluting the liquid Rit with water and taking a rag and applying.  It was really wet once applied to I had to give it lots of time to dry.


And finally completely finished with hardware and all in his bedroom.  Sorry I don’t have any close ups of the dresser with hardware.  I used knobs on the top three drawers and the bottom four have pulls.IMG_2657

It’s been a while

I thought I would be able to keep up with a blog…..haha, dedication, discipline and allowing for time were things I was lacking.  I’m going to give it another go!

While I haven’t been blogging I have still been building/making remodeling.  Stay tuned for all the projects I’ve accomplished.

Wine Bottle Holiday Decor

20121215-114634.jpgI had been saving some if my wine bottles (don’t judge) 😄 for some upcoming project that I didn’t know about yet. I was on Pintrest and found exactly what I wanted to do with some of them. Someone on Pintrest had used Starbucks bottles.

Here are the steps I used:
1. Find three bottles that are the same…easy for me since I have my fall back wine Estancia Zinfandel….again don’t judge…😉
2. Remove the labels…I used dish soap and water to soak them in then removed the labels….I had some spots that were stubborn so I used 220 sand paper.
3. Spray paint them….I used Rust-oleum heirloom white…about three coats just to be sure I got them covered.
4. While those were drying I used my Silhouette cameo to cut the letters J and Y then the snow flake.
5. Apply the vinyl to the spray painted bottles and wrap jute around the neck of the bottle securing with a hot glue gun.